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Our story


Family Roots

Who are these two cheesecake cuties? Eva and Victoria are a mother-daughter team, originally from Waco, TX, that calls Austin, TX home.  Although Victoria is only 4-years old, Eva's desire was to build a business that she can one day pass down to her princess as she received this gift from her grandmother, Geneva.  The story of this delicious, Texas-style, non-baked cheesecake recipe was passed down from Geneva, affectionately known as Mother, many years ago.  Eva has included Victoria in making creative additions to Mother's cheesecake but there's still the same amount of love in every bite.  Although Mother no longer makes cheesecakes, she still enjoys eating her original flavor, Cherry Delight.  She always reassures Eva that every bite tastes just as good as hers.

Eva & Victoria

While building a business for Victoria, Eva's desire has always been to spread so much happiness in the world.  What better way to do that than blessing your tastebuds with her creamy and delicious cheesecakes?  But these cheesecakes aren't your average cheesecakes.  Regardless of the flavor you choose, you will taste the love and happiness that is infused into every part of this amazing, classic dessert. 

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Mission Statement

"For the Love of Happiness"

Our mission is not only to bring you delicious tasting cheesecakes, but also provide exceptional customer service. We want to ensure that your experience with us is pleasurable and satisfying. The ultimate goal is to bring you happiness, if only for a moment. 

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